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Nortec Química is the largest manufacturer of Active Pharmaceutical ingredients in Latin America and it has begun its activities to ensure quality medication with Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) developed in Brazil. For this purpose, the company combined the knowledge of the main National Research Centers with the experience of the Brazilian Chemical and Petrochemical Industry. Nortec Química plays a major role in the Brazilian pharmaceutical scenario and in the Public Health System (SUS)., producing APIs for brand name medicines, generic equivalents, similars and medicines for neglected diseases.

After 34 years, Currenly, Nortec Química accounts for the development and manufacture of more than 50 APIs, all with proprietary technology. This accomplishment is also due to an excellent team, in which more than 50% of employees have university level education and are supported by the company. The company has a supply and development portfolio for more than 250 Pharmaceutical Laboratories in Brazil and around the world and it has been recognized for its quality with successive API Supply Excellence Awards. Nortec Química’s commitment is to people’s health and, therefore, it conducts Neglected Dieseases medicines’ research, as conceptualized by the World Health Organization (WHO). 
Nortec Química’s relevance in the world continues with the increase of its productive capacity with two new production plants started in 2017, totaling five multipurpose plants in its Rio de Janeiro site, and a new expansion the began in 2019. Also, expanding its activities with the project of the High Potency Drug Plant, contributing with technological solutions for the improvement of people’s well-being, lives and health.

Nortec Química’s History

Nortec Química is very relevant in the Brazilian pharmaceutical scenario and worldwide. After 34 years, Nortec Química accounts for the development and manufacture of more than 50 APIs with their own technology

NORTEC QUÍMICA is proud to achieve
34 years of history,
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